The Natural Systems of Mind  (https://natural-systems-of-mind.com/) is an international multidisciplinary open-access journal, and the Editors welcome submissions from scholars around the world. Publications will be free of charge until 2025. The journal presents original and valuable papers from various fields of science in Sapient Human Behavior.The journal welcomes both previously unpublished materials at the intersection of various scientific disciplines on the study of the systemic foundations of SHB as well as the replication of scientific data to confirm the reliability of the earlier obtained facts and findings.All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor, if it found suitable for further independent anonymous expertise, to peers’ high-quality reviews.The Natural Systems of Mind journal which it expected to be publish four times a year (No1 – March, No2 -June, No3 -September, No4 – December) has following sections in each issue: Editor’s Material, Reviews, Empirical Articles, Brief Reports, Case Studies, Book Reviews, Comments, and Meeting Abstracts.The Natural Systems of Mind is the owner of all intellectual property rights in the publication. The publication is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved.All manuscripts accepted for publication receive DOI.

Manifesto of the Natural Systems of the Mind

  1. We maintain high standards through a rigorous peer-review alongside with strict ethical policies. The manuscripts of the authors who violate the code of professional ethics (plagiarism, fraudulent use of data, false statements of authorship) will be rejected.
  2. We proclaim the principle of open access to publications which makes interdisciplinary research available online to everyone all over the world. However, we believe that the authors themselves have the right to decide to share or not to share their database.
  3. We aim at understanding sapient human behavior (SHB) through the research of systems interaction of the human brain, the mind, body, society, and AI-technology. 
  4. We call for the study of Sapient Human Behavior simultaneous at the macro-, meso- and micro- levels.
  5. We are committed to developing the generation of scientists of the future who would have considerable courage and would be able to overcome interdisciplinary barriers.
  6. We welcome the replication of the studies on different samples and under different conditions.
  7. We invite you to put forward and consider any ideas about the nature of Sapient Human Behavior. As they may seem insane at first glance. The question is whether they are crazy enough to be true?
  8. We call upon the researches to pay attention to the randomness and the slightest deviations from the regularities. In science, nothing can be neglected, it is precisely what cannot be, may points to the way of scientific discovery.
  9. The information and material contained in publications are for educational, research, and information purposes only.
  10. The Natural Systems of Mind makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in publications. Our journal makes no representations or guarantees to the accuracy, completeness or suitability for any purpose of the Content of the publications.  Any views expressed in the publications are the views of the authors and not the views of the Natural Systems of Mind.

Elena V. Volkova (Moscow); Irina N. Trofimova (Ontario)
Managing Editor
Konstantin B. Zuev (Moscow)